Innovations in Global Health: Greenmash: Utilizing Data to Better Fight Disease

NGOs in low resource countries face numerous challenges in launching, monitoring and evaluating programs. Often data collection and data quality issues affect everything from accurately identifying community needs to creating appropriate response strategies. Once programs are launched, there is little to no visibility into the program, making timely monitoring and adjustments impossible. When the final program data is collected and evaluated, it is too late to apply the lessons learnt. The end result? Despite the best of intentions, resources are wasted, program performance is sub-par, and in the mHealth arena, patient care is less than optimal.

Recognizing these challenges, Greenmash has recently launched a cloud-based version of Mango, its proprietary monitoring, surveillance, and performance evaluation system. Understanding that organizations gather data from a variety of sources, and utilize unique workflows, Mango is highly configurable, enabling Greenmash to customize it to clients’ individual needs, and integrate it with other systems. A highly reputable provider of innovative information management solutions, Greenmash supports client programs across Africa and Asia, including 12 in sub-Saharan Africa.

Sightsavers, a Greenmash client that treats and prevents avoidable blindness, uses Mango to power it’s Mass Drug Administrations (MDA) for a range of NTDs including schistosomiasis, onchocerciasis, lymphatic filariasis and trachoma. Leveraging Mango’s multiple data collection channels, the ability to trigger alerts and workflows, and gain insights from real time data, Sightsavers now has visibility and control into all aspects of its program, from the predistribution census all the way through treatment and drug distribution.

Using a variety of data collection techniques, Sightsavers field staff gather census data and upload it to Mango. Based on the census data, treatment coverage requirements are automatically calculated, and Mango automatically informs program participants as to appropriate program actions (e.g. continue treatment, stop treatment and so on) based upon the coverage achieved at each reporting stage. Medication stock usage is also monitored automatically via Mango, which has resulted in significant cost savings and reductions in loss and wastage. Following a successful pilot program in Cameroon, Sightsavers are now implementing Mango in 18 countries.

Another Greenmash client, FIND, has configured Mango to capture and manage data for a human African trypanosomiasis (HAT) elimination program. Mango tracks the test results from RDTs microscopy and LED facilities, creates and updates patient records and alerts health centres and patients with information related to the test results and appointments. Health workers at primary health centres use SMS messages to send data to larger LED centres, where real time reports can be run via their internet connection. Based on Mango’s successful deployment in Uganda, FIND is introducing the same system in Chad, Guinea, and Angola.


Both these examples illustrate that regardless of program complexity or location resources, Mango excels at gathering data from the toughest environments using a variety of techniques, including mobile devices, and turns this data into real-time reports, charts and maps that enable informed decisions. Mango enables organizations to:

  • Gather data using numerous channels. Recognizing that last-mile data collection is often the most challenging Mango is designed to collect data via SMS, Voice messaging, USSD, Android applications, web surveys and even paper.
  • Provide every department with real time data. Since Mango data is stored in the cloud it is accessible from anywhere. Reports are instantly updated as new data enters the system, turning the raw numbers into actionable insights.
  • Automatically trigger alerts and workflows. Whether reminding patients of appointments, alerting distribution centers of pharmacy stock shortages, or notifying program managers that targets have been met, Mango can streamline and simplify a variety of processes.
  • Go beyond the data. Greenmash enables all levels of an organization to benefit from the data streaming in. While the robust features of the Mango platform capture, manage and analyse data, the Greenmash team provides a layer of expertise and experience. The Greenmash team partners with our clients to redefine processes so clients can capture data in the most cost effective and efficient way. Then Greenmash team helps clients parse the data into information that is valuable to different departments and teams.

To learn more about Mango and Greenmash click the link or email Andrew Wyborn, CEO of Greenmash.

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Alyssa GovindanInnovations in Global Health: Greenmash: Utilizing Data to Better Fight Disease