Meet the PSD: Jami Taylor

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Jami TaylorJami Taylor
Senior Director, Global Access Policy
Johnson & Johnson

How did you become involved with the Global Fund?

My company began its engagement with the Global Fund when we joined the PSD Advisory Group in the summer of 2014. We had been deeply involved in HIV advocacy and product innovation for more than a decade, and had recently entered the TB space with a new innovation there. Engagement with the Fund was a missing link in our larger efforts. When we learned of the PSD and the opportunities it presented to interact with the Global Fund, its Board and broader circle of stakeholders, we saw value immediately.

How does your membership in the PSD Advisory Group benefit your company’s health work?

Our membership with the PSD Advisory Group has enabled us to become more deeply networked within the global health community, and to participate more efficiently and effectively in the debates that are setting the direction for the future of global health. The quality of the dialogue that the PSD facilitates, both among PSD members and with other stakeholders, is second to none. I recently invited one of my company’s senior leaders to attend a PSD-hosted meeting with me. Afterwards, he declared it the best meeting he’d attended in years: content-rich, relevant and “real.” I often leave PSD events with a similar sense. Time participating in PSD activities is time well spent.

What advice would you give peers seeking to become more involved with the Global Fund?

My advice is simple: Become a member of the PSD Advisory Group; attend Global Fund Board Meetings with our delegation; participate actively in a PSD Task Force; engage in PSD-hosted forums and the PSD Annual Retreat. All present opportunities to better understand the Global Fund, to connect to its leadership and to help shape its future.

Nisa PatelMeet the PSD: Jami Taylor