Seeking Private Sector Input into the Global Fund’s Future Strategy: Upcoming Consultations for Business

The PSD is seeking input from a wide range of Global Fund partners and stakeholders from the business sector into on-going dialogues this year aimed at developing the next Global Fund strategy. The new strategy will cover the five-year period from 2017 to 2021 and will serve as an organizational framework outlining the Fund’s core mission, goals and objectives for the near future.

As a voting member of the Global Fund Board, the PSD is committed to engaging with a diverse cross-section of private sector companies and business organizations to capture their inputs to help shape the future direction of the Global Fund and the fights against the three diseases. A strong 2017-2021 framework will be critically important to outlining the Fund’s future direction and to laying the foundation for an accelerated response to end the epidemics of HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria. The Fund has launched an online survey platform available through June 26th to capture feedback from all interested global stakeholders. Representatives from the private sector are encouraged to participate in the electronic forum here.

Between June and August 2015, the PSD will work with the Global Fund Secretariat to host a series of meetings targeting input from private sector companies and business organizations on the strategy development process and opportunities to strengthen the private sector’s role in combatting HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria and building more resilient health systems. The PSD-hosted consultations will complement the Fund’s wider strategy development process – which includes three in-person meetings and the online survey – by increasing private sector representation and ensuring a strong business voice in strategic dialogues. Companies do not need to be current PSD members to participate. Confirmed consultation opportunities include:

  • Tuesday, June 23 in Bangkok, Thailand (Prior to the Global Fund Partnership Forum event)
  • Monday, June 29 in Geneva, Switzerland
  • Friday, July 24 in Lagos, Nigeria (Following the GBCHealth/ Corporate Alliance on Malaria in Africa Annual Forum)
  • Tuesday, August 4 in New York, USA

Additional consultation events in the U.S. are in development. Please contact and download the consultation one-pager here for more information on private sector consultation opportunities.

Nisa PatelSeeking Private Sector Input into the Global Fund’s Future Strategy: Upcoming Consultations for Business