CAMA Co-Chair Chevron Launches Malaria Program in Lagos State, Nigeria

Margaret ArbogastNews

Chevron Corporation’s local business unit, Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL), in collaboration with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation has launched the Roll Back Malaria (RBM) program in Lagos State to support the State health authorities in addressing the considerable impact of malaria on the local population. Malaria is endemic in Lagos State with over 540,000 cases reported in 2014.  In metropolitan areas such as Lagos State, it is important that malaria control is a top priority as transmission can increase due to environmental factors which encourage the breeding of mosquitos and close human contact.

The program will seek to train health workers and community members on baseline prevention and treatment of malaria while conducting baseline mapping assessments on existing health structures. Included in the program focus is a push for integrated approaches to managing malaria and maternal health by promoting LLIN use and chemoprophylaxis for pregnant women.

As a company, Chevron Nigeria Ltd sees the fight against malaria as a vital component to economic growth and sustainable development in Lagos State and in Nigeria broadly.

Learn more about this new program here.

Margaret ArbogastCAMA Co-Chair Chevron Launches Malaria Program in Lagos State, Nigeria