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Insights: Easing the Pain: Palliative Care in the Developing World - By: Alyssa Govindan “The enormous gap between need and availability of opioid analgesics is growing and is increasingly skewed against people living in poverty.”- The Lancet Commission on Palliative Care and Pain Relief What is palliative care?                                                ... Read More
Partner Spotlight: Can Cancer Get Worse? Depends Where you Live - As World Cancer Day approaches on February 4th, the global community prepares again to raise awareness of prevention and treatment efforts for these horrible diseases that kills so many. It may seem as though we all know someone who has been affected directly by cancer. People living in developed countries are constantly reminded of dangerous exposures, the need for screenings ... Read More
Innovations in Global Health: Greenmash: Utilizing Data to Better Fight Disease - NGOs in low resource countries face numerous challenges in launching, monitoring and evaluating programs. Often data collection and data quality issues affect everything from accurately identifying community needs to creating appropriate response strategies. Once programs are launched, there is little to no visibility into the program, making timely monitoring and adjustments impossible. When the final program data is collected and ... Read More
Event: The Global Fund Explores Innovative Finance for Health - On November 13th, the Private Sector Constituency to the Global Fund Board hosted a discussion on “Opportunities in Innovative Financing for Health” on the sidelines of the 38th Board Meeting of the Global Fund to Fight HIV, TB and Malaria. The Global Fund is the largest financing institution in global health, having funded programs that have saved more than 22 ... Read More
A New Year Brings New Challenges and New Opportunities - Dear Friends and Colleagues, As the New Year gets underway, we are grateful for the immense support and dedication our partners have shown us over the last year. Together, as a global health community, we made significant progress in 2017 – renewing commitments to TB and intensifying efforts to combat antimicrobial resistance. 2017 also brought changes in global leadership at ... Read More
#GBCtalksCSR Interview Series – IBM - David Raper IBM’s Lead, Corporate Citizenship Asia Pacific and Greater China Group In this high-level interview series, we speak to a handful of corporate leaders to probe how they plan and execute CSR programs and how they are utilizing their core business skills and resources to impact individuals and communities. 1. How do you think IBM’s CSR policies reflect the ... Read More