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Event Takeaways | Sustaining Malaria Intervention Amid COVID-19: World Malaria Day 2020 Webinar - Held in advance of World Malaria Day, the webinar featured discussion on the importance of maintaining malaria interventions in the face of COVID-19. Panelists shared insights on the fight against malaria and COVID-19 in Nigeria, and how various sectors can cooperate to mobilize resources and mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the fight against malaria. The webinar brought ... Read More
A World Malaria Day Unlike Any Other - How leaders in the fight against malaria are addressing an unprecedented situation This is a world malaria day unlike any other. As we approach a day that’s meant for raising awareness and stepping up the fight against malaria, we are faced with a global community whose attention and efforts are focused squarely on COVID-19. It is daunting to recall that ... Read More
World Malaria Day Interview: Michael Steinberg - Michael Steinberg is Team Lead, Global Public Health & Special Projects at Chevron Corporation. He is also Co-Chair of the Corporate Alliance on Malaria in Africa (CAMA). Why is investing in malaria a priority for Chevron? Ensuring the health and safety of the communities where we do business and our global workforce is one of our top priorities. We believe ... Read More
World Malaria Day Interview: Omobolanle Victor-Laniyan - Omobolanle Victor-Laniyan is Unit Head, Sustainability Corporate Communications at Access Bank. She is also Co-Chair of the Corporate Alliance on Malaria in Africa (CAMA). Why is investing in malaria a priority for Access Bank? Globally, malaria poses a significant public health problem and is a leading cause of disease and mortality in many countries. In 2015, sub-Saharan Africa accounted for ... Read More
World Malaria Day Interview: Sherwin Charles - GBCHealth spoke with Sherwin Charles, Global Fund Board Member for the Private Sector Constituency at The Global Fund, CEO and co-founder of Goodbye Malaria, a South Africa-based initiative focused on fighting malaria, about how the organization is sustaining the fight against malaria during the time of COVID-19, and about how the global community can approach fighting the two diseases simultaneously. ... Read More
Beyond COVID-19: Ripple Effects of a Pandemic - We are all asking many pressing questions about COVID-19 – how long it will last, how many people will be affected, how to protect ourselves and our communities – but questions about COVID-19 go well beyond the pandemic itself. We have seen in recent weeks that COVID-19 will have a ripple effect on global healthcare systems, the global economy, institutions ... Read More