GBCHealth Mission: To leverage the resources of the business community for positive impact on global health challenges.

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Integration in the Time of SDGs - By: Ian Matthews, GBCHealth The unfinished business of the MDGs… Leave no one behind… Introduction: The moral foundation of the SDGs These phrases are uttered almost daily by development practitioners across the globe. In many ways, they have collectively come to represent the moral foundation of the SDGs. However, we are only just starting to understand how these principles will ... Read More
Best in Business Action – Improving the Health of Women and Girls - This month, GBCHealth is featuring a series of case studies highlighting best in practice corporate programs that are improving the health of women and girls around the world. Pulling from winning and commended programs recognized by our Business Action on Health Awards, these case studies highlight the potential for the private sector to make meaningful differences in the lives of women ... Read More
Innovations in Global Health: Augmented Infant Resuscitator Empowers Birth Attendants to Save Newborns - A new series featuring promising product or service innovations in global health In October of 2012, CAMTech and GBCHealth hosted an inauguration event for CAMTech in Manhattan. On the weekend following this event, CAMTech and MIT H@cking Medicine hosted a Hackathon at Massachusetts General Hospital where Dr. Data Santorino, a Pediatrician and national trainer for Helping Babies Breathe (HBB) in Uganda, requested a way to quantitatively test the ... Read More
FP2020 Summit: Family Planning in the Sahel - GBCHealth President Nancy Wildfeir-Field joined UNFPA, the UN Deputy Secretary General, and African Ministers of Health on a panel which focused on “Family Planning in the Sahel as Critical Investment for achieving the Demographic Dividend and Poverty Reduction.” The event highlighted the achievements of the Sahel Women Empowerment and Demographic Dividend (SWEDD) Initiative which has already delivered promising results on ... Read More
Investments in Health as a Driver of SME Growth in Africa - By: ‘Kayode Ajayi-Smith, GBCHealth Communications Africa is poised to reap a windfall from its fast-paced urbanization; technological acceleration, with investments totaling $129 million in 2016; abundance of natural resources; and rising workforce — estimated to top 1.1 billion workers by 2034 according to McKinsey Global Institute. Despite a series of economic crises caused by the dwindling price of crude oil ... Read More
Meet the new Global Fund Board Vice-Chair – John Simon - GBCHealth sat down with Ambassador John Simon, the newly appointed Vice-Chair of the Global Fund, to learn more about his priorities and to discuss how the Fund can continue to lead the development community on innovative health financing. Why do you think global health remains one of the few areas to continually receive bipartisan support in the U.S. Congress?  Success ... Read More