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Insights: Transitional Funding: A Set Up for Failure or Success? - By: Alyssa Govindan, GBCHealth The WHO recently reported that Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, affectionately known as the BRICS, are losing a combined $46 billion to premature cancer deaths every year. Director of the International Agency for Cancer Research, Dr. Christopher Wild, spoke about the new report published in Cancer Epidemiology: “Focusing on tobacco control, vaccination programs and ... Read More
Partner Spotlight: How technology saved my life – and my babies - A first-of-its-kind ‘ambulance taxi’ service ensures women in rural Tanzania get to the hospital quickly during serious labor complications. When Consolata went into labour in rural Sengerema, Tanzania, she experienced intense pain and knew something was wrong. She needed to get to the hospital quickly but her district, with a population of 500,000 people, only has a few ambulances. However, ... Read More
Innovations in Global Health: Detecting TB using Artificial Intelligence - Tuberculosis (TB) caused 1.7 million deaths in 2016, surpassing the number of HIV/AIDS deaths globally. In that year, 10.4 million people fell ill with TB, mostly from poor and vulnerable communities. As a result of these troubling statistics, the World Health Organization (WHO) has accelerated its fight against TB with its End TB Strategy. The WHO estimates that 3.6 million ... Read More
Perspectives: Creating Multi-sectoral Leadership in TB Control - By: Angel Cheng, Global TB Caucus TB has a devastating impact not only on the health and wellbeing of people around the world, but also on economic growth and stability. As a result, the disease is increasingly presenting itself as both a moral and financial consideration for businesses concerned about their workers, consumers and communities where they operate. According to ... Read More
Insights: Easing the Pain: Palliative Care in the Developing World - By: Alyssa Govindan “The enormous gap between need and availability of opioid analgesics is growing and is increasingly skewed against people living in poverty.”- The Lancet Commission on Palliative Care and Pain Relief What is palliative care?                                                ... Read More
Partner Spotlight: Can Cancer Get Worse? Depends Where you Live - As World Cancer Day approaches on February 4th, the global community prepares again to raise awareness of prevention and treatment efforts for these horrible diseases that kills so many. It may seem as though we all know someone who has been affected directly by cancer. People living in developed countries are constantly reminded of dangerous exposures, the need for screenings ... Read More